Fun three ways

I always have ideas of things I want to do or places I want to go. I still have somewhere a list of things I wanted to do while living in Paris and having lived there for 8 years you would think I made a dent. Not really...

I make plans and lists and then I let life get in the way. Or I get lazy but that's a whole other conversation. Anyway....I've been wanting to see the Cherry Blossoms at the Branch Brook Park for 3 years now and today I made it. I just had to ignore three grumpy kids and a half asleep husband, got everyone in the car and drove there.

My idea was to take pictures of the flowers (check) and some of the kids but my definition of fun was not shared by all.

Fun is running after your brothers. Fun is climbing trees.

Fun is jumping on your father's tummy until he begs for mercy.

I did manage to get this one of Layla. And no she's not my favorite it's just that she's still the only willing model around here.

So it's safe to say we all had fun and in case you're wondering the Mr. has recovered from his ill treatment.

How was your weekend?