*joy* frame by frame

The toy of the day

one photography a day…365 days in a year. I’ve always wanted to start a 365 project but the prospect was daunting. It meant hauling my camera with me every day and it’s not exactly light.

it meant racking my brain to find the perfect shot and the perfect edit. one more way to torture myself about my shortcomings.

but wait who said the pictures had to be awesome or wonderfully edited…nobody just my tortured self.

so i started using my phone camera and the befunky app for android. one frame per day sometimes more. just because i want to remember all the little things that make up my life

no expectation. You can visit it Frame by Frame

14 thoughts on “*joy* frame by frame

  1. there is something so perfect about a great phone camera app shot though. this one is wonderful. i could never commit to the 365 day challenge – but i think it’s a great idea! maybe i will challenge myself one of these years.


  2. I too was scared of the commitment, but I am so glad I did it. I did fall down a few times, but I try to be kind to myself. I captured so many wonderful “everyday” moments I am glad I kept going. Good luck.


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