Fuel your creative soul


There are times where all paths to creativity feel familiar. We wonder why we have become stagnant and fall deep in a creative  rut.

One way to come out of it for me is to just accept it or maybe try a new tool or technique. Lately watching TED Talks is my answer to the funk.

18 minutes of talk from the most brilliant minds from all over the world helps me gain new perspective. I listen while working or when the children are sleeping and it has opened my mind to new thoughts and creativity.

Some of my favorites:

Brene Brown – The power of vulnerability

Dan Gilbert- Why we are happy

Chris Orwig – Finding the beauty in the mundane

Matt Cutts – try something new for 30 days

Daniel Goldstein – The battle between your present and future self

and because we can’t afford to not care

Richard Wilkinson – How economic inequality harms societies

P.S: the picture is totally unrelated but it’s a by product of trying out new ideas ;o)

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