Embracing it all


2012 will be a good year. i am feeling it.

i had decided not to have any new year resolutions but i did post something about photography on my Facebook page that I would like to share with you.

“Ok. I vow to make 2012 the best year of my photography journey.I vow to shoot personal work that means something to me.I vow to take tons and tons of pictures of my loved ones. I vow to have more courage in asking people I don’t know to be photographed by me. I vow to shoot for me. I vow to make 2012 the year of growth and self discovery. I vow to take the camera out even when I don’t want to. I vow to accept taking snapshots. I vow to start my personal project. “

the snapshot part is well under way. another idea I had was to make a portrait of each of my children once a week. just a simple portrait every week. i am starting here. now the hard part is to follow through.


Sweet Shot Day

This post is linked to Sweet Shot Tuesday at My 3 boybarians. Join the party!

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