dreaming of a concert at the Royal Albert Hall…

Dreaming of the Royal Albert Hall... 


….in the meantime we are practicing.

Samy started taking piano lessons last week but all children want to practice. I wonder how long the honey moon will last?

Right now practice time is expected and much celebrated. If these kids are anything like their parents we will soon have to bribe, threaten and coerce.

Until then let me enjoy the short short long, claps and giggles.

3 thoughts on “dreaming of a concert at the Royal Albert Hall…

  1. I would love to attend!The wee one here loves to ‘practice’ on my piano, but she still has a few years before she is ready for formal practice. I do hope once they move she will have access to a piano.


    1. We didn’t get a piano yet. I was afraid the children wouldn’t enjoy the lesson and I would be stuck with a cumbersome piece of furniture not to mention the cost. Instead we got them a keyboard with keys that have the same resistance as a piano, the teacher said it was enough to get started!I can give you the info if you ever need them


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