the future is here

it used to be that one person would only experience a certain number of technological advances in her lifetime. my parents listened to music on LP’s and by the time I arrived there was the cassette. as for me I have seen the birth of the Sony Walkman, the CD and the Mini Disc, the death of the cassette and I just read that CD won’t be manufactured by the end of this year. all of this makes me feel old and also excited because the geek in me can’t resist the attraction of new like all other fields sees it’s share of new stuff. bigger sensors, better lenses, smaller cameras but the latest development is really revolutionary.

when taking a picture you have to decide before you press the shutter what will be in focus and what will not. Not anymore thanks to the Lytro.



so what’s so extraordinary about this camera? you take a picture, share it and the person who views it can decide on the focal point. In plain English, you click on a point in the camera and that appears in focus while the rest blurs out.

how does it do it? It contains a light field sensor that records the light, intensity and vector directions of light. If you want to know more about the science behind it you can click here.

You can also see what the images look like  here  just click on different areas of the image to see the difference.

so what do you think? can you imagine how this will change how we take and think about our pictures



11 thoughts on “the future is here

  1. I admit, I’m not really thrilled about it. I can see how this could be helpful, but honestly, I like being in charge when I take the picture. Being able to change the focus in post doesn’t do it for me.


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