My very first public appearance


not me exactly but Imene Photography first ever public appearance. I set up a table at Mommy and Me vendors fair at Imagine That museum. i can’t begin to tell how stressed I was about participating in a local event and having to talk to total strangers about my photography. well my husband can maybe because poor soul he had to spend the evening before with me.

it was really really fun. i didn’t know i would be so comfortable talking to strangers but i think what really helped was the fact that i am so passionate about my work. being located near the firemen truck and the cool beetle made me a big hit with both parents and kiddos.

i had grand plans to take pictures but i ended up only snapping this before it all started and at the end i was just too tired to even bother.

tonight i am pretty proud of myself and so ready to relax while watching Downton Abbey.

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