Joined the Dark Side young mother has


A suburban mother’s role is to deliver her children obstetrically once, and by car for ever after.

Peter De Vries

waiting in the car. driving from one activity to the other.

not the style of the house so we (I) decided long ago that my children would only be involved in one sport and one cultural activity at a time. Which meant until now the saturday morning swim class.

now that Samy is 7 we changed our routine a little bit. this little boy has such a good musical ear and can pick a tune so we started piano lessons. 30 minutes a week, too short to go anywhere so we stay in the car. we read, i knit and sometime i call upon the DS to give me a little break.

i love to make him practice even if i had to re-learn reading notes. in europe and algeria we learn that the musical notes are do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do and here it’s ABCDEFG. so i am readjusting my skills to being the mother of a little american boy.

yes i have crossed to the dark side. the rage against the minivan has taken over.

May the force be with you!

P.S: you will excuse the phone camera shot but i still have to find a way to haul three kids, a handbag, a tote filled with toys snacks and my DSLR. i was thinking of getting a small camera i could keep in my bag. what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Joined the Dark Side young mother has

  1. Get a point and shoot camera. It is very convenient to have one especially when you suddenly come across a very interesting subject.Regarding the notes, it will be easy as long as you know what the equivalents are.


  2. I do carry my little Canon point and shoot with me. I love that I almost always have it and it shoots pretty nice pictures as well as hd video. It wasn’t too expensive and it’s small enough to stuff in my pocket too.I will be honest though and say that I’m sure I would use it as much if I had a phone with a decent camera though.


    1. My phone is supposed to have a decent camera but I am not getting nice shots. It’s maybe the lack of light..I have major Acquisition envy for the iPhone but that is not likely to happen unless T-Mobile carries them sigh!I will be posting my I love series tomorrow. I am so excited to join you!


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