This morning

A quiet weekend and an empty calendar
Best combination to keep everyone in a good mood
An unplugged weekend. No email checking, facebook posting or tweeting.
I curled up in bed with the littlest, played games with the boys, smelled my children hair while i read to them.
Allowed myself to just be.
I loaded film in my Hasselblad an vanquished my fear of using it.
Watched a movie with my husband. It was really hard to watch and i hid my face in the pillow many times.
Did you watch it? I am not sure i would have picked it if i had read the synopsis. It is still a beautiful story of hope.
I read the last pages of  Nicholas and Alexandra Romanov. Six hundred pages in four days, i am glad that my passion for history is still there. I have read many accounts of the last Romanov but ths one was by far the best.
Sunday afternoon was as quiet. Some swimming, a bit of Super Bowl and quiet reading for me.

How was your weekend?

11 thoughts on “Weekending

    1. You would laugh if I told you the Hasselblad is making me dizzy. The image is inverted and every time I point at somethings the image actually inverts it!!I will take some time to get used to!


  1. now this is book inspiration!! i love that you read this, in such a short time.the book you recommended on my blog, sounded so familiar… my husband has it, so i will dive into it. neither of us, have read it. thank you so kindly, for offering to send it my way. you warmed my heart. xo


    1. I am glad I could be of help. I am sure the book will really help you keep track of the “stuff” of life. You might want to look into “Remember the milk” it is a web based app, you can also have it on all other platforms (mac, android). It is very useful to implement the steps of the book.Good luck!


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