One bite at a time: Week One

I embarked on a journey to simplify our lives and around the time I went back to work it has fallen by the wayside. Stuff started creeping up back again in our home, on our calendar and in my mind.

I crave simplicity in my daily life, in my home decor, my kitchen counter…yet with all my yearning for simplicity, it was getting so elusive. I was feeling frustrated. Life goes so fast and I am aching for more simplicity. I decided last week to go back to my old habits and embracing simplicity again in our lives.

One of the blogs I find very interesting on the subject is Simple Mom. I find Tsh’s approach very similar to mine and I love reading her posts. I had her latest book One bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Easier. I read it cover to cover in an evening and I think that is what I need right now, simple steps to getting back to a simpler life.

Some projects won’t apply to me like starting a garden or finding a hobby, while others are already part of my daily life still I will enjoy the process.

Today marks week one and my very first project will be to streamline my e-mail. The ever demanding beast!

Some simple rules I will follow:

  • i will check email twice a day
  • i will reply right away even with two sentences
  • unsubscribe, unsubscribe from all the email lists unless I read them…which I hardly ever do

the hardest part will probably be checking my emails only twice a day. You see my name is Imene and I am a compulsive email checker. The first thing I did is that I disable email notifications on my computer, phone and tablet. Maybe if I don’t see it I will not be tempted…

What would you like to simplify in your life?

The next project update will be next monday. Now if you will excuse me I just noticed my screen needs a good dusting ;o)

5 thoughts on “One bite at a time: Week One

  1. I’m bad about checking my email, too. 😦 But I’m constantly getting work email and it’s just hard. On the weekends, though, I’m very good about not being online much at all. Good luck!!!


  2. Hmm, I will have to take a look at that! I am certainly feeling the need to simplify.. so badly in fact, that I’m not sure where to begin. As a fellow compulsive e-mail checker… I think that would be tough for me too.


  3. I am totally with you on the unsubscribe, I have lists I am on that I just delete every time it hits my inbox, what a waste of effort, I would be better off unsubscribing once and been done with them, somehow I feel a little guilty when I unsubscribe but I swear I cant remeber the last time I activly subscribed to something, where do they all come from!?


  4. A lot of the email issue is that people have it setup in a way where it can break them off from what they are doing. Turning off notification is a good move but I think just keeping it closed is the way to go, open it every time you want to check it. Nothing REALLY urget comes via email without a phonecall or something else to back it up and prompt you to look at it.I was on a time management course today and they advised keeping email close for 90% of your day!


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