joining Amanda in weekending. my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just be.



this weekend was icy and cold. really cold.

my big plans of spending saturday in NYC were changed. my artist date was postponed and instead i had a date with my life.

three great kids, a man i would marry again and again and a pile of laundry. i could do without the laundry but there is a price to pay for everything.

there was much reading and my book was befitting  the weather. still reading Russian tzar’s biographies and Catherine II is fascinating in her own right.i wish princess stories were more about strong women figures instead of wimpy maidens waiting for prince charming. oops i will get off the soap box.

i decided to say yes a little bit more and that led us to a favorite turkish restaurant and chucky e.cheese. and before anyone reminds me i had sworn never to take my kids there, let me just say i am a weak mother ;o)

my kids had so much fun and after all that matters more than anything.

the mr. and I started watching the wire. it’s been on my watch list since the creator was on charlie rose…about 3 years.

sunday nap was followed by some swimming and then we all got ready for the week to come. some with reading, others with listening and again others with packing.

how was your weekend?








3 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Don’t feel bad about Chuck E. Cheese! I wanted to give my husband a few hours to himself so I took my kids to a similar type place just so they could run around and blow the stink off, lol. I’d like more time to say yes on the weekends. One good thing was an early Valentine’s day dinner for husband and me at a new restaurant, something we haven’t done in quite a while.


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