Creativity is….by Angela

 I am not creative. I have heard this so many times and every time it makes me feel sad. Why do we all grow up to think of ourselves as not creative. At what moment do we loose our innate drive to create, make, experiment and enjoy. I was one of those non believers too until my house started filling with little ones and my soul ached for a creative outlet. I picked up needles, brushes, paper and eventually a camera. Still I didn’t think of myself as creative but everyday I trust myself a little more. The subject fascinates me and by creating this series I hope to foster the spirit of creativity and make you realize that we are all creative.

Today I welcome my friend Angela. She shares her daily life and artistic musings on her blog Peach Coglo and today she was kind enough to share with us what creativity is….



Creativity is . . .

listening to that creative voice inside of you  . . . you know the one , your authentic voice, the voice that speaks to all of your dreams

recognizing that you are a creative being even no matter what, whether it’s putting pen to paper, paint to brush, palms on clay, your finger on that shutter – or not

taking “I can’t” out of your vocabulary

realizing that you can always start over and that’s okay

finally accepting that you have so much to offer to others, and to yourself; you are enough – just as you are

8 thoughts on “Creativity is….by Angela

  1. Oh Imene, you always touch my heart and inspire me! You keep doing you girl! I am honored to have a spot here and to be able to share in your wonderful project. Thanks for being you and for sharing your gifts with all of us other mamas following our own creative paths!xoxo,Ang


  2. So so true, Angela.Imene, so so wrong….you are incredibly creative. As a mother, thinker, writer, and photographer (at the very least!).I don’t know Angela, but I am off to visit her site!


  3. I think that the creativity is knocked out of a lot of people, by this I mean that they are told over and over again that they are not creative or that they have cant, you can only be knocked back so many times before human nature tells you to stop trying. Which is why reading your post above will hopefully help motivate a lot of people


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