Right now


I had a date with my camera today. No commitment to perfection and no expectations of results. Just two crazy little kids and a mama too happy to document life. I was trying to get back in the groove after a funky february.

I was hoping to get my weekly portrait and then my favorite photograph ended up being one of the outtakes. Just in case you’re wondering the big game of the moment is licking…yikes!

I am thinking of starting a Project Life. Totally inspired by Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske.  Two major reasons one is that I don’t do anything with all the pictures I take. Sure I print some and I have nice big ones on my walls but other than that they are keeping cozy on my external hard drive (three of them actually, you never have enough backups. The other reason is htat I am the memory keeper in our family. My husband seem to have long term memories issues and can’t seem the remember the little things that make our lives together. I feel the need to create more than images for the children. I want them to know the little stories too for when I am not around anymore.

The journaling cards are in my Amazon basket right now and I am wondering if it’s not going to be too much.

Do you have a way of preserving your memories in writing? I would love to know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Right now

  1. I keep my own private journal, but nothing public that the whole family shares. I wish I could but with my current schedule, I know I couldn’t keep it up. That makes me kind of sad. Hopefully, the children are forming their own memories for when they’re grown up.Your pic is adorable!


  2. I didn’t know of this until your post. Interesting! I guess I am the memory keeper in our family. My blog and (for the kids) photo calendar journals. At the end of the year, I do a sibling calendar. Your post made me think about making sure my husband marks memories. I think the shortness of life comes close to the surface far more often for us since his dad died a few years ago.Love that photo. She is getting so big!


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