quite a different rhythm to our weekend this time. i was more of an observer than a participant.

i needed some rest and the Mr. obliged by stepping in. books and naps were the order of the day. Giants with big hearts, magic spells and stories of beautiful crimes and redemption populated my days. nothing feels as good as napping tucked between warm little bodies. it heals the soul.

being able to step away from the mundane of the everyday life allowed me to see the little things. Little pieces of plastic making dreams come true. Books that draw giggles and laughs. Friends and neighbors that step in when you need then. So many little things that make my life richer.

How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend, Imene. Weather is starting to warm up and it’s wonderful to have the littles outside playing…I’m so looking forward to the official start of spring. Enjoy your week. ~rose


  2. Wonderful weekend. That is great that you got a chance to step back. I think I need a day like that too. You see so much when you don’t have to direct and rescue. So lovely!xo,Ang


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