Creativity is…by Kelly D.

I am so happy to post the second installment of “Creativity is…” series. Kelly will be sharing her vision on creativity and art with us. 


Creativity is….seeing the world with childlike eyes.

Years ago when I was studying to become a teacher my course work was filled with projects aiming to spark children’s creativity and imagination so that they would be fully engaged in the days’ lessons. An amazing thing happened to me during my course of study. My creativity opened up in ways I don’t think I even experienced in childhood.

I no longer stared at the cement walking from class to class. I looked up and saw animals in the white fluffy clouds. I heard the birds singing, imagining their lyrical conversations. I spotted the first crocuses every Spring days before my friends. I doodled when taking notes in class, and even drew pictures to help me remember the concepts. I read children’s literature and dreamed up art projects, writing projects and even science and math projects to accompany the stories. I was immersed in being creative from a childlike perspective, and I loved it.

Now, many many years later, it is that same creativity that helps me through my often long days as a working mama.

When motherhood overwhelms me, when my children’s voices sound shrill and when the tugging at my shirt hems is wearing me thin I always know taking time to be creative will help.  If I get out some crayons, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk or paints a new ray of sunshine is sure to shine on my face.

When I take the time to see the shapes in the clouds, hear the birds singing and allow my creativity to guide me my days don’t feel quite so long. When I remember to view the world with my own children’s fascination it is easy to see that my life is overflowing with beauty.



About Kelly:

    Hi! I’m Kelly — a wife, mama and creative woman seaking meaning in this world. I’m learning to let go of  perfectionism and open myself to the simple joys in life. I am also a personal coach helping women clear their path to a truly fulfilling life. You can find out more about me and my coaching services at

4 thoughts on “Creativity is…by Kelly D.

  1. I never thought about it quite this way, but you are so right! I was at a workshop today where we were encouraged to write with crayons, because there is something so refreshing and childlike about it!


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