a day to be with my thoughts. a day to walk.  a day to admire and be humbled.

a day with cindy and eugene.

a day i stepped away from my role as a mom. selfish maybe but a lesson hard learned. i can’t take care of others if i feel depleted.

sunday was the Mr turn. his day to go run after a leather ball aka soccer. a rainy day spent at the movies watching the lorax.

fun for the little ones and the big one.

a nice busy weekend.

How was yours?


Joining Amanda in her Weekending series .





7 thoughts on “Weekending

    1. it is so true Del! it took me years to realize that in order to be a good mom I had to learn to leave sometimes. I can’t take care of anyone if I’m running on fumes. Even with that knowledge I still feel a pang of guilt right before I leave…which i am cured of about two minutes later ;o)


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