Instagram is finally on Android

If you are the owner of an iPhone and have been lucky enough to play with Instagram for the past year than this post is not for you ;o)

This one if for those of us that looked at the Android phones and thought why but why doesn’t Instagram create an app for us. The ones that painstakingly took pictures with their phones, uploaded them to Dropbox then downloaded them to iPad or iPod so they could get a taste of the goodness.  To those of us who considered changing  carriers or phones but it is here now. Instagram for Android!

I can see some of you roll their eyes already.Well my husband did when I told him I wanted an iPhone. Forget the fact that I am very happy with my current phone plan and that my HTC Amaze is an awesome phone. No I just wanted Instagram!


Now I can revel in the creativity of IG’s I admire. Take pictures any time I want. Create some good ones, some bad ones and the really ugly ;o)

If  you want to join in the fun on iPhone or Android you can follow me on @imenesaid. You can also view IG on your computer with these viewers:

You can also download your pictures with Instaport ,create photo books on blurb or print thanks to Statigram.

If you will excuse me I am going to snap away!

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