Keeping it real



:: three kids with a strep throat during our first weekend away in a long long time

:: racking my brain about my personal and my business blog. Should I merge? keep them separate? Do I really need to be blogging and on Facebook to make my photography business successful?

:: raising my voice one too many times

:: having the wisdom to know the difference but lacking the courage to change or the serenity to accept



:: seeing my sons faces when we took them back to Lake Placid

:: listening to Samy play the piano and enjoying it

:: picking up my camera and enjoying the snapshots

:: reading brain pickings and enjoying every bit of it

:: enjoying instagram so so much

:: having a wonderful email exchange with amanda that helped think of my web presence


linking up with Monica at ink+chai for keeping it real.





16 thoughts on “Keeping it real

  1. Wow, you guys got it too? It was awful for my oldest and me, when we get sick we get sick. Glad you guys are healed up. Isn’t Instagram fun? I have Android so was on pins and needles waiting for it to make its way over. Your babies are just beautiful, full of expression. Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Goodness, I love those expressions. What beautiful children, and it’s nice to see them “keeping it real,” too! Strep can be awful stuff – I hope your kids are all on the mend now. I’d say “wisdom to know the difference” is a pretty good place to start. I’m sure the rest will follow in due time!


  3. lol, that is such a KIR photo. my girl is especially good at those. ;)all three with strep, argh. to read brain pickings….
    lovely to have you join in! have a wonderful weekend.


    1. My kids can’t see my camera without making the weirdest faces. I think they are just plain tired of the stalking ;o)Thank you for the KIR posts, it feels so good to be real!


  4. strep is no fun especially a triple dose of it 😦 so glad your littles are all on the mend!and the more time you can put into your photography and business rather than blogging about it or updating FB, the better for your business (but then, i think you knew i’d say that) 😉


    1. i totally agree with you. I wonder if a lot of the “advice” is not provided by people who want me reading books, attending seminars and buying stuff instead of just shooting. I am following your advice and thank you so much for making me see the path ;o)


  5. Les 3 miens ont ador la carte… Vous tiez au mme htel en plus !? Trop fort ! Vous tes alls au cin ? Vivement qu’on s’organise un autre week-end. Et sans microbes cette fois !Bises tous les 5.J’ai dcouvert les Gogos, Basile connaissait visiblement, il aime beaucoup, encore merci ! T’es hyper la page… (ou bon choix S. et T. ?)


    1. Il n’y avait que des films pour adultes au cin mais on a manges au three dancing bers. Salim a pris un beau gros steak en l’honneur de Ludi.Les garcons me font des cours acceleres en rentrant de l’ecole, en ce moment ca ne parle que de b blades ;o)


  6. Ouch, 3 with strep?? 😦 Personally, I don’t mind at all (and actually prefer) when someone’s business and family life get blogged all together; it makes the blogger more “real” to me, especially if it’s a business you take part in at home. But if you don’t, then that’s fine, too, I can see you keeping them separate. I just know a lot of moms who work in the creative field often do it from home.


    1. It was a bit hectic but things are much better now. I wasn’t sure about mixing the two because my personal blog follows my interests. It can be about photography or knitting today and maybe books and food tomorrow. I felt that my “work” blog had to be a bit more on target and that I would loose my freedom to write about whatever i wanted.I guess I can mix some work into my personal but I still want the professional blog to be separate ;o)


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