Creativity is…by Shannon Kinney-Duh



Creativity is jumping into the flow of life. To be creative is to play, dance, sing, celebrate, love, laugh, be silly, get messy, explore and discover new things in the world. It’s about keeping an open mind and a compassionate heart.

I notice that when I allow myself to let go and jump feet first into the creative flow it allows me the opportunity to reveal that energy inside – the creativity that wants to be shared with others. Sometimes it comes out in a painting, or a journal entry, or in the activities I do with my kids. No matter what – ALL of us are born with the desire to see life with wonder and curiosity. And it is our job to nourish and ignite that creative fire so that our true purpose in life can take flight.

Whether it’s trying new recipes for dinner, or deciding what to wear, or planting a garden, or walking in the woods, or starting a business, or dreaming a new dream – creativity is the willingness to try, to make mistakes, to fail and to take healthy risks while being kind to ourselves along the way.

When I give my creativity time and space to be fully expressed, is when I feel the happiest. It’s when I feel more at peace. It’s when I’m living more in the present moment. It’s when I think new thoughts, make new discoveries and remember that anything in life is possible. Because I’m the creator of my life and creativity is the gift that guides me on my journey.

Creativity is fun. And it’s a really nice place to be.




Inside Out Creativity

Shannon Kinney-Duh is a mama to two young boys and married to a super, creative guy. When she’s not throwing rocks in creeks and playing trains, she creates e-courses like Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery and Mothering with heART. She also writes a blog about creativity and following your dreams on her website  A Free Spirit.

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