what inspires me: Sally Mann

 i watched this documentary quite a while ago and I thought of it again yesterday. i was feeling uninspired : i had no time to go out and take pictures. i didn’t travel to exotic places….whiny me i really don’t like you!

Sally Mann is such an inspiration to me. i hope you will enjoy it as much as i did




7 thoughts on “what inspires me: Sally Mann

  1. Watched all three. Bits and pieces as I was doing dishes etc. Very inspiring Imene. Makes me realize how much I stuff myself into small boxes. Thank you for always finding these bits that nourish the soul.Dana


    1. I think she is inspiring in so many levels. She is a mother who managed to make art and not feel restricted by dailiness. Plus she dances to her tune and doesn’t care what others think of her art. I love love her work.


  2. Let me try this again: I’m a mother and a photography student. Im surrounded by my children all day everyday so they are often the subjects for my projects. Sally Mann has been one of my biggest inspirations! I had never heard of this documentary until now; thank you for sharing it! She encourages me to view my life with another lensso often I take snap shots of cute moments my children have and the photos really show my kids through a mothers eye. Im inspired by Mann to move beyond the cute milestone moments and record another side to them. Thanks again for posting this!


    1. @Cheyenne.Yeah!!I understand your feeling. I am around my children everyday and sometimes i don’t realize the beauty of what i have. i cherish the snapshots but i am looking forward to building a body of work around it too.thank you so much for commenting twice ;o)


  3. Oh, I am looking forward to watching this! I found Mann’s work while I was in college and still have the books I bought of hers back then.I found you via weekending and am happy to meet you. 🙂


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