Layla and Salim playing together Imene Photography 

sunny saturday

swimming saturday

date night saturday, very few and in between, too far

this was our first of 2012. uninterrupted talk, good food and lovely moments together

it felt good. it reminded me of who we were. why we clicked and why we’re still together

rainy sunday. sleepy sunday

my day started at 9:30. the Mr. kept the little monkeys quiet while i was drifting in and out of sleep

guilty sleep but oh so restful and much needed

the boys had a birthday party and Layla got her dad all to herself. not enough dad-daughter time for these two.

puzzles and laughs. she has him wrapped around her finger and it’s so sweet

moments i almost missed capturing. because i always think “i”ll do it later” not this time. i am so glad

another space to share moments, images, when i’m feeling less chatty…just because

i loved every bit of my weekend.

how was yours?


linking up with Amanda over at the habit of being for her WEEKENDING series.

5 thoughts on “Weekending

    1. We seldom go out on a date. With no family around and sitters charging $18 for an hour we just wait for our parents to visit.Lately i have been swapping babysitting with a friend and it works great!Sunday sleep was a god sent, sleep is really not overrated ;o)


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