Photo of a left pacifier 

change comes in the form of a stubby pacifier. a once beloved object and now just a mere artifact of a little girl no longer a baby.

it’s the sign of children growing up and time flying by. my life is changing and to be honest i do not like change.

for the past seven years my life revolved around diaper changes, breastfeeding and middle of the night wakes. my arms always held warm and my hands grabbed little fingers. my days were filled with cries, whines and laughter.

yet this was just a stage. now my mornings are quiet. i work, i read and write yet it’s feels empty, suddenly too quiet. i cherish the moment and yet i long for their return. it is very hard to explain and yet all mothers understand me.

how will i adjust to this new life? children needing me less at least a less physical need. children growing up and slowly making their away from me.

change comes in the form of a stubby pacifier and i am not sure if i like that change.



i’m linking up with momalom for Five for Five this week.



2 thoughts on “Change

  1. You know, they never really stop needing you, so I take comfort in that. Sometimes my house is too quiet when they’re all at school, but I try and enjoy it. They’ll be home and making a lot of noise before long!


  2. I’ve been thinking about this post today. Our kids are about the same age and I’ve been thinking some of the same things. My birthday is next week and my hubby asked, “What do you want,” and I answered, “a baby.” I’m not serious. We’re done- at least with biological children, but gosh it’s hard to believe that time of our lives is all done, even though I was exhausted!!! so much of the time.


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