she has conversations

she goes to school

her body is thinning out and we can see her neck

she picks her clothes

she dresses herself

the wawa (binky) was gifted to the fairies

she swims like a fish and is not afraid to jump in the water

pink is her favorite color

no pants and no shorts. she’s a skirt and dresses girl

she holds a pen and traces letters and numbers

she sings in the car. she sings while she’s playing

her dolls have names and she makes up stories for them

she goes to school four mornings

we argue about make up

her best friend is sophie. who cares if sophie is 36.

she likes cupcakes. actually just the frosting and lately just the sprinkles

if i ever get lost she can be my GPS. she knows all our usual roads

her favorite song is “Sexy B….” by David Guetta. Thank god for the clean version.

she bosses everyone especially her dad. she’s my right hand when it comes to enforcing rules

she is my helper. my daughter. my baby. the last of my babies.

she’s almost four. the baby is almost gone and i see glimpses of the big girl.





7 thoughts on “between

    1. @Jen I am glad i am not the only “crazy” person missing the baby stage. I asked my husband if we could have another one and he said eventually they all grow up.Still I would love one more ;o)


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