…for one hour i disapperead

not really me but this blog. 

shadow of a chair by imene photography

i have one question for you: do you back up your data? your pictures, your blog?

for one hour today i thought i was going to cry. i was updating my blog and i erased it. everything all the posts, images, layout…all gone

it is not life threatening but i came close to crying. then i remembered those pesky emails notifying that my blog was backed-up. usually i erase them..gasp. this time i got lucky, it took me 45 minutes trying to figure out how to restore the whole blog. it involved php, sql and other barbaric geekisms but here i am up and running. i will post what i wrote tomorrow as for today i need to calm my nerves with some camomille tea or something stronger.

so next time you are tempted to skip the back up. please DON’T.


4 thoughts on “…for one hour i disapperead

  1. thanks for the reminder, will do that now.i do have all my photos elsewhere, but not my words.
    i would FREAK out too. yes, some tea therapy…
    and love the photo.


  2. Oh man, it has been a while since I actually did a backup of my data. Risky right? Thanks a lot for the reminder, I will be doing it soon enough just to be safe from any unforeseen circumstances.


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