a word and a stitch


oh my knitting how i missed you! i was so happy to start knitting again. i am trying to have a more balanced schedule: work, kids and some quiet time. i find knitting so relaxing if only i could combine my two favorite activities reading and knitting. maybe i could train an animal to turn my pages on cue ;o)

right now on my needles little buds by my favorite knitter/blogger Karen. I am using some cascade heather 220 in a blue/purple shade. She made one for her daughter a long time ago and i always hoped she would write a pattern. I am so glad she did and i can’t wait to finish so I can start the gorgeous Bulle hot off the presses today!

i just finished a good man is hard to find by Flannery O’Connor, second book i read by this author. it’s a fascinating world she depicts. her description of the characters is so vivid that i could almost touch them. beautiful and yet so horrible, imagining that such people could exist is scary. the world she depicts is scary, twisted, dark, ugly, fetid and yet beautiful, hopeful, poetic, charming. O’Connor has said that she searches in the darkest, most hopeless little worlds for “god’s grace” (or more specifically, “god’s presence”, be it dark or light). i think she achieved her goal.

the other book i am reading is 11/22/63 by Stephen King. the last Stephen King fiction book i read was 15 years ago and i swore i wouldn’t pick another one. the world is a scary place i know that, i don’t need to read that. then i read his autobiography and a friend said very good things about it so i tried a chapter on kindle and i was hooked. this book is about time travel, a chance to go back in time and change the outcome of 11/22/63. what would our world be if JFK wasn’t killed?

i personally don’t believe that one man could have saved the world. even JFK but this book is also about our yearning for another era. a time when children played outside, where stranger did not mean danger. a pre-processed food era. the time before google, internet and cell phones. quieter times, slower times. i am still slowly making my way through the 800 pages.

What are you reading or making?


10 thoughts on “a word and a stitch

  1. i’ve been meaning to read some OConnor for a while now, but well, the tbr pile is a big one. 🙂 i’m glad you enjoyed it.gorgeous colour-weave!


    1. @Mon. My tbr list is absolutely ridiculous 110 books and i keep adding. I would need another life to read all of it but i still like to dream of reading more ;o)


    1. @amanda. I discovered Flannery thanks to you. I was intrigued by the title of your blog so i googled it and then discovered her. Thank you for such a lovely introduction.


  2. Il est vraiment beau ce pull. Ca me donne envie d’apprendre tricoter ! Ca serait mieux si tu habitais plus prs 😉 L je vais devoir chercher des cours en allemand (toute seule avec internet je suis certaine de ne pas y arriver). Tu me motives ? Par quoi je commence ? Bises.


    1. @Emilie. Ce serait clairement plus facile mais c’est vraiment pas dure a apprendre si tu veux. Il y a plein de livres et vidos sur youtube pour dmarrer. Sinon le plus simple c’est de visiter un magasin de laine et demander a la dame si elle donne pas de cours.Je suis sure que a te plairait. c’est relaxant.L’allemand je sais pas si je pourrais avec le quart de neurone qui me reste ;o)


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