instagram Tarek at the deep end of the pool Imene Said Kouidri Photography 

five blood vials to answer questions about my health

purple nails to change things up

best bagels in town, freshly made and delivered with love

not one but two birthday parties on saturday afternoon

seeing my daughter blossom

best pizza in town in a newly renovated restaurant

late wake up on sunday.

loud and noisy birthday party for big T. thank god I had my iced latte and the NY times magazine to keep me company

nice quiet nap for all

sunday afternoon nap and mexican food

piano practice for the peanut

watching this with the Mr. when everyone is asleep. not to be missed!

rows on my knit here and there

more instalove you can see here

it was a nice busy weekend, how was yours?

5 thoughts on “weekending

    1. @Simona,i really try hard to plan as little as possible but then the calendar fills out ;o) birthday parties, school events, friends visiting…the busyness of life i guess


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