10 on 10 Instagram edition

I’ve seen the 10 on 10 in many blogs over the past couple of months. I really wanted to be part of a group and then  I found a group of awesome ladies to play with so this time it’s my turn. ten pictures on the 10th of each month that document our day.i had great plans and wanted to be ready ahead of time. so i waited for a typical day and the big news is there are not typical days around here. the month buzzed by and my total love for instagram motivated my choice so my first edition of 10 on 10 is dedicated to IG and the busy life of moms.


6:30 a.m :: bye bye bed and 8:30 a.m hello world. between the two total blur

10:00 am Layla stays with my friend S. thank god for her help 11:00 A fruitful hour meeting

12:00 home away from home 3:00 pm we’re on outfit number 3. she picked. i learned to choose my battles


4:00 p.m piano lesson and walk in the neighborhood for us. 5:00 pm best piece of plastic i ever bought

6:00 p.m thursday tradition 7:00 may tradition

Now you can visit my friend misti for her special 10 on 10!!

6 thoughts on “10 on 10 Instagram edition

  1. C’est super ! Je vois qu’Adle et Layla ont la mme passion : les habits ! Je la laisse choisir aussi, se changer (parfois… mais c’est trop pnible les tas de fringues ensuite (parce que bien son “rangement” laisse dsirer…). J’adore son bonnet !Plein de bises.


    1. @Emilietu te rappelles quand on se disait qu’il fallait bien les habiller et tout et tout…le choc de la realite est brutal. des matins elle ressemble a une gitane et je m’en fiche. j’en ai ras le bol de me prendre la tete ;o)


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