Mother's day gifts made by my little ones - Imene Photographya busy saturday working and running errands.

watching little ones so my friend and her husband could get some quality time

watching a movie. knitting and enjoying the moment.

woke up this sunday to sweet little packages my munchkins made for me.

beautiful cards, poems, a love box, a pinch pot, a fingerprint necklace and mommy coupons.

a promise of a clean house and clean dishes and help when i am busy. love, hugs and kisses.

what more could I ask for and yet i got more…

an hour with a friend photographer where i was behind the lens for once. pictures of me with my lovelies.

i tried to talk my way out of it, busy weekend, not the right outfit, wait until i loose a bit of weight. i am so glad i went.

lunch at our favorite place and a nap surrounded by love.

a quiet afternoon and time to knit. now i am looking forward to an early bedtime and some reading.

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms in our lives!


P.S: yet another instagram post ;o)


8 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Those handmade goodies are precious. I’m having trouble finding storage room, though! Glad your weekend and Mother’s Day were so nice.


    1. @Del. I have been good at keeping only the most memorable and taking pictures of the rest. But i think i will run into the same problem in a couple of years.I hope you had a great mother’s day too!


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