the perfect time

my last family portrait was made when Layla was one. She’s about to turn four

it was never the right moment. i made all sorts of excuses. i was waiting for the perfect moment

well it doesn’t come by very often. the truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect moment

it’s not when i find the perfect outfit.

not when i loose those pounds

not when i finally get to the hairdresser

not when the stars are aligned

the perfect time to get your family portrait is now.

so sunday i made myself do it and thanks to the talent of Fabienne. I have this wonderful memory to hold on to.

my mother’s day gift to me

8 thoughts on “the perfect time

  1. DHL post…Super photo, tu m’en enverras une en vrai pour qu’on l’affiche ici ? Adle se souvient bien de toi, ma gentille copine qui lui a offert le tee-shirt princesse, mais comme a on est plus sres qu’ils retiennent vos noms et visages d’ici notre prochaine rencontre. Bises, vous tres tous trs beaux (et souriants ;-))


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