the weekend was a perfect mix of relaxation, fun and friends.

saturday was spent a very dear friend and her family.being with them always reminds me of what really matters. i felt so relaxed, it was like going away on vacation.

it felt good, so good.

sunday was around the house.

cleaning and watering and getting ready for the summer.

a quick trip to IKEA to get a table for the deck. a much longed for purchase. finally here

meatballs for dinner because not trip to IKEA would be complete without it

monday started with a run. filling up on popsicles at the store

and spendign the best of time with a great group of friends

the camera didn’t get much use. i just wanted to be there and enjoy

it was warm and wet and fun.

how was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “Weekending

    1. Mine is 50 minutes away but i still find it worth the trip. The design and price ranger are perfect for me.We always arrange to arrive around lunch time so we start with eating then the kids are happy to just follow us around. Can you tell how much I love it ;o)


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