Happy girl in the sunthis weekend started with a day away in the big city.

i found many reasons not to go. tired, busy, a house to clean and kids that grow too fast.

then i thought i would enjoy some alone time. i wanted to go to the same places again but decided against it.

i stepped out of my comfort zone and never regretted it.

it started with the weegee exhibit at the ICP then a long walk down Avenue of the Americas.

a wonderful encounter on a corner street. a ride up an elevator to the impossible project store.

lots of willpower not to walk out of there with one of these babies.

sunday was cool and wet. Fun time with the kids while the Mr. was chasing a ball.

a trip to the stores for some gifts and a birthday party for the boys.

some knitted rows while everyone is happy and now time for a movie with the Mr and a couple more rows.

how was your weekend?


joining Amanda in her weekending series.

9 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. it sounds like it was fun and yet relaxing too.i heard the film was a let-down, more personal and less of the gritty and interesting political stuff she had to go through?nice Polaroid cams!


    1. @Monica. The movie was more about her aging and accepting it. They brush on the fact that she was suffering of dementia.I thought it was poignant because when all was said and done she seemed to struggle more with personal issues like her husband’s death, her unavailability for her children and later the fact that she grew apart from her son.it was more personal and less about her politics. All in all it was a beautiful movie!


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