a stitch and a word

just kids patti smith and my knitjust as i took this pictures i realized there’s a dark theme in my knitting and reading this week.


  • just kids by patti smith. i am not familiar with her music, what attracted me to the book was the story of two kids trying to live their artistic dream in NYC. it’s too early in the book to know what i think about it but the wrting is absolutely amazing.
  • lenswork. i picked up at the ICP this weekend and i absolutely love it. the quality of the print is absolutely amazing and i am thrilled to discover new (to me) photographers. i see a subscription in my future.


  • the bulle is coming along beautifully and i couldn’t be more pleased. i love the pattern and i can’t wait to see Layla wearing it. I have to decide on the contrasting color for the pockets but i am sure a certain little girl would love a bright pink. i only have the sleeves to finish now and oh the dreaded blocking.
  • next on my list i have three project and i need to decide which one i should start with. in the starting blocks i have miss korrigan, the esprit folk tunic or the cecilia coat.
what’s in your basket?
sharing my love of knitting and books with Ginny on her Yarn Along series





5 thoughts on “a stitch and a word

    1. I am loving the writing and their dedication to succeed as artist. The NYC it describes is very alien to me and the drug part..i don’t really understand but i try not to judge.I will write about it once i’m done reading it


  1. I love the cecilia coat if I can vote on your next project. As for your current project I love the dark color. I love to block knits so send it to me!!


    1. You should see the rest of the catalog from Millamia. Just adorable! Here’s a linkWhat method do you use for blocking? i tried wet and with steam and i mess it up each time. Don’t tell anyone but some of my knits are not blocked ;o)


  2. Wow – what a balance between light and dark! I haven’t knitted since I finished my youngest’s Christmas stocking, oh, 3 years ago! I need to get crackin’ again!


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