Keeping it Real

after school hair-instagram Imene Photography


:: end of year craziness. i don’t enjoy having to run around all the time. i can’t believe i used to love this kind of rhythm

:: the before trip unability to do anything. we are flying back home to Algeria in 10 days and it seems to stop every single project

:: my house could use some tlc. maybe we could just move out like the kings of France did. oh yeah we don’t have the same income

:: a little boy struggling with growing up and learning to deal with mean children



:: going back to visit family and friends for the first time in three years

:: bright sunny days after a very very wet week

:: making an appointment with a holistic doctor and deciding my health is worth the expense

:: picking up my camera more this week and letting go of expectations

:: summer is here and school is over in one week!


p.s: please let me know your thoughts on the new blog look. Were you able to find the comment section? I am not done yet and I would love your thoughts.


Linking up with Mon over at ink + chai for keeping it real

4 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

  1. ok, it took me a scroll up and down, up and down again before i found the comments but then i’m tired and not terribly alert at the moment 😉 i do like the new layout and look.also, love your girl’s hair, the color, the curls. beautiful!


  2. mean children, breaks a mama’s heart doesn’t it. hope it can be sorted out soon.letting go of expectations is fab isn’t it?
    the layout is fine for me!


  3. I’m grappling with the effects of mean children. It’s weighed so heavily on my heart. I’m so glad I’ve found you from Ink&Chai, and just so you know how familiar I am with the stress of dealing with kids that make our littles sad, here’s this do hope he can hold his head up and hot harden his heart, but hold onto the joy around him. And, we’ve got some sun after days and days of rain. Isn’t it refreshing?!


  4. I found it! Love the braid/no braid!! I always intervened with mean children. No playing with mean children at our home or theirs. At school I really was not in control but thankfully my kids were able to problem solve. Some parents do not put enough effort in making their children nice….


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