sky after the storm

the weekend was spent under pregnant skies.

a session in a buttercup field and a Father’s Day special at a local store.

quiet evening knitting and watching sherlock

sunday morning at the movies. sharing a good laugh. Madagascar 3 was a pleasant surprise.

afternoon in the pool then a major thunderstorm that left us without power. we played chess, colored and painted and had an early bedtime.

we’re still hoping for the lights to come back. in the meantime i will have a cooking marathon so we don’t loose everything that’s in the fridge

how was your weekend?


joining Amanda in her weekending series.


4 thoughts on “Weekending

    1. Funny you say that. My husband just said the same thing. It’s just that there is nothing to do about it so I just let it go. Maybe i am growing wiser not only older ;o)


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