Keeping it real


:: the week before departure frenzy. as much as i am excited about visiting my family i really can’t stand the stress of having to pack, finish work and get everything ready

:: an unexpected trip for the Mr. he was to stay with Tarek and Layla while I accompanied Samy to the Zoo outing.

:: being hit (once again) by how hard it is to raise children without family around

:: a major storm that lasted 10 minutes and left us without power for three days

:: feeling restless


:: a day with the Peanut at the Bronx Zoo.

:: friends that saved the day by helping me and watching Layla and Tarek. three wonderful ladies that saved our day. thank you L, S and Lo. it really takes a village to raise a child

:: connecting on a very deep level with a wonderful person. i am looking forward to see our friendship bloom

:: time with friends, lots of it. laughs, lots of it.

:: children that are very happy and excited to visit their family in algeria

:: thank god it’s friday!!



i’m linking up with Mon over at ink+chai for keeping it real



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