On traveling with children…

Visiting my family involved a 12 hours trip, two different flights and a 4 hour layover in Frankfurt. I am relieved to say we passed with flying colors…except for a bit of crying from a 4 year old who couldn’t understand why she wasn’t able to sleep her 12 hours. 

Tarek at the beginning of the trip - Imene Photo

I can gush about how amazingly behaved the boys were…yes they were but I think we survived mainly because I was on a “P” mode. In photography P mode is when you set the camera’s ISO and let it figure out the rest of the setting. The equivalent in real life was the kids were not allowed to hit each other the rest was theirs to figure.

thank god for iPad and Apps - Imene Photography

They gorged on screen time, drank soda and refused to eat the spinach they were served. This said we made through the flights and the waiting and the lack of sleep.

Airport sleeping - Imene Photography

and now after 24 hours much of them spent sleeping, we are ready for some adventures.

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