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 Girl with the flower - Imene Photography

People take pictures for all sorts of reasons, i realized a long time ago that my camera is a therapy of sorts. a way to deal with the events in my life, accept the passing of time.

Today i took the kids to my family beach house . This house is so important for me, it’s where I spent all my summers growing up.  I remember my mom packing up the house and moving us there as soon as school was over. We would come back just in time for school and sometimes we would get a treat and stay a little longer. That’s where I learned to ride a bike, wore my first bikini, went to my first party and my first dance….that’s where i was first grounded too. Summer was a time to roam free all day, we only had to show up for meals and even then we could eat at a friends house.

The last time I visited was 9 years ago. So many things have changed since, all the houses were remodeled and many of my friends have moved away. This place that used to be so familiar has changed so much. I know it’s not realistic to expect things to remain the same but i hoped there was still a trace of my childhood.

looking in and looking out



Once I put the camera up to my eye I started noticing things. Small details a color, a shape and the hibiscus tree of my childhood. Red beautiful flowers that i watched closing at night while we were having dinner on the patio. I used to wear them in my hair. I remember a picture of myself with these same flowers. A reminder of the past and a memory I will be able to share with my daughter.

I might not be able to show her my fairy tree or the branch we used to hang from. She will never taste the pears of our garden but i was able to share this flower with her.

“This is where photography is both healing and a curse. I have proof of what was here, but I am also painfully reminded that it is gone.” – Rachel Devine 


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12 thoughts on “Past.Pulling from The Inspiration Jar at Beyond Snapshots

  1. Bless your heart Imene. I can only imagine how bitter sweet that trip was for you . So glad you have the flower to share with your daughter! Much love to you.


  2. What beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts. I only live a half hour from where I grew up & yet it is still bittersweet at times to go back. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live a plane ride away & only get back very rarely! Your daughter is beautiful! I love the red flower. Have a wonderful trip!


    1. @Jen – I try my best to visit every year but we had to make tough decisions the past two summers so airline tickets were not an option.I am so glad we were able to visit this time. I am so happy to share this with my children


    1. @christina – Your words mean so much to me because I always thought my feelings were due to the fact I was so far away. Maybe it is just part of growing up or I should say growing old 😉


  3. bittersweet…..but how lucky to have the memories to share. We just returned from a beach-week with the whole family…..hoping to have made some memories for them; I know I added many!! beautiful photos


    1. @steph- You perfectly understood how I felt about this visit. Creating new memories for my children is the best part though and my walks on the beach are just amazing. I was raised to close to the ocean, I think my soul needs to feel and hear it.


    1. @swanski – I have to find my voice and a way of telling her my past. I try to show my children places, make them taste foods and smell aromas. I feel that will stay longer with them. I can still remember my grandmother’s lavender smell even some of the memories are fading away.


    1. @Amanda – you are so sweet my friend! the blue shutters are so typical of Algiers. The buildings were traditionally white with blue accents. That’s were the town gets it’s name of Alger la blanche.I am soaking every single moment while I can


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