Jumping back in

Samy jumps in the pool - Imene Photography 

I will not make you or myself yawn by mentioning how fast time flies.  I am afraid I will grow to be always complaining about how fast life passes me by but it does…One minute I arrived and the next I am getting ready to fly back to the US. It doesn’t matter that there were thirty days between both occurrences it just happened to flew by.

I had a plan, a list of things to do and a photo project in mind. None of these happened. Instead I soaked the sun, swam until my fingers were pruned and surrounded myself with all the people I love. I carried my camera everywhere and it stayed there most of the time. I don’t know what it says about me and photography except that I didn’t want to pause and be in the moment.

I wanted to be in a whirlwind of activities, hug and kiss and laugh. I stepped away from the computer, my blog and Facebook. Work took a back seat and something wonderful happened. I remembered things, lots of things about me. What I loved, what mattered and what made me happy and how far I had strayed. Right now my journal is filling up with words as I am trying to process all of this.

48 hours from now I will jump back in my life. My heart will be aching and yet so grateful.

One thought on “Jumping back in

  1. J’espre que le retour s’est bien pass, que tu as emport avec toi tous ces souvenirs, jusqu’ la prochaine fois ! Bonne reprise aux Etats Unis. Nous sommes toujours en France, retour en Autriche le 20 Aot !On vous embrasse fort.


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