what four looks like

being four is waking up every hour on the night before your birthday to make sure you’re not missing out on the fun.

it’s finally dragging everyone out of bed at 6 a.m and running down the stairs to find your gifts.

dolls and barbies, princess and princes as per your request. Fifi the red haired doll was added to the mix because your mother was nostalgic of her cabbage dolls.

it’s wearing your birthday shirt made by mama.

flowing tutus and pink mama bag because yours is too small to carry all your dolls.

going to the nail salon and knowing exactly what color and flowers you wanted.

being the boss for the day and relishing every moment.

picking your favorite restaurant and deciding your lunch would only be ice cream.

napping with maman and your brothers. playing at the park and making the boys watch a princess movie.

four is happy. four is fun. four is pink. four is love.

i hope all your life will be the same

2 thoughts on “what four looks like

  1. Parfait, le cadeau choisi devrait lui plaire, je vois qu’elle est fille comme la mienne !Je le poste sous peu.
    Plein de bises, les photos sont, comme d’hab, trs belles, on se croirait avec vous…


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