Back to school

i toss and i turn. i can’t really fall asleep then i have nightmares of being late to school and once i get there i realize i am wearing slippers.

the night before school started was always an anxious one. the truth is that i was so happy to be back to school. nothing made me happier than organizing my notebooks, buying school supplies and the new backpack i had each year. i have vivid memories of the pink one i got for 4th grade and the hello kitty one for 5th. i still get a surge of hapiness from buying pens and notebooks. my personal stash can attest to that but i digress…

i never make the children pose for pictures but the first day of school is an exception. i wonder what memories they will keep of this day? these pictures will join the other ones i took those past years in their personal shoebox.

what are your memories of the first day of school? do you have  a special tradition with your children?


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