September 12th, 2012

do you ever experience flashbacks when you see your children doing something. i gave Layla an old eyeshadow with not much left and then as we settled in our day I saw her doing this. i know my mom has a picture of me age 3, in the same pose applying make up. my aunt had asked me what i wanted for my birthday and i requested a make up bag.i hope my mom kept the picture. i will make sure to steal ask for it next time i visit.


makeup girl-© imene said

makeup girl-© imene said



maintenant que Layla a 4 ans certaines choses qu’elle fait me rappelle des souvenirs. cet instant me rappelle une trousse de maquillage offerte par ma tante pour mes 3 ans. Eh oui, elle m’a demandee et j’ai dit ce que je voulais. On aurait du mal a le croire vu que je mets du mascara une fois toutes les annees bissextiles.

37 ans separent les deux instants. Faudrait que je repeche la photo chez maman a ma prochaine visite.

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