filet ©Imene Said Photographythis weekend was a welcome end to a crazy week. lots of first times: first day in school for L, first ballet class, first time as a soccer coach for the Mr.

a lunch on a sunny terrace with a friend and no kids. total decadence!

friday was book club night and we discussed this book. despite our different reading tastes we all agreed, great premise but it lacked depth. it spurred deep conversations about kids, marriage and family. it’s my fourth attempt at a book club and this time  i really like these ladies.

lots of soccer practice, games and clinics.some knitting and lot of watching two kids while the third is playing. not too sure about my feelings for all the running around for practices and games. i see changes in the boys behavior from all of this hustle and bustle and i wonder. i hope they were clear answers to parenting.

sunday morning was spent with a sweet babe and her parents. newborn sessions are possibly my favorite. i get to hold those little babies and swaddle them, a real treat. talk about swaddling i am quite the expert, i can make the crankiest babe coo in seconds. one mom called me the baby whisperer. i like it!

a jump in the pool in the afternoon felt good. i usually sit and knit but i realize i watch a lot and don’t participate much. i love water and one of the things i miss most is being close to the sea. it makes me want to move

a new book, some others waiting to be read and ideas swarming around that i quickly jotted down.

how was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “weekending

  1. i struggle with the book club thing. so many women just want to show up for a mom’s night out and not read the book. i’m all for chit chat and mom’s night out but i join a book club specifically to read and talk about books ;-)i heard the author talking about We Sinners a week or so back on NPR…sounds really interesting. will be curious to hear what you think of it.


    1. @amanda I totally agree with you about the book club. I like this one because for one thing they all read the books, second they are not afraid to voice their opinions and third i don’t feel a lot of censorship in the conversations. I truly enjoyed it.We sinners is a treat so far, I am almost at the end and the writing is enjoyable. I will tell you more once I am done


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