the more i wished

right before i fall asleep at night i wish the next day will be quieter, less harried. a calm day where we go about our day and i get a chance to sit a little and enjoy to be there. there are pockets of that here and there but not really a calm day around here.sometimes i wonder if this quest for calm and balance is not the reason why i can’t find it. maybe life with young children is hectic and noisy.

maybe i should be living in the moment …even if it’s crazy and hectic.

©Imene Said Photography


Je reve d’une journee calme sans grand chose a faire. On joue, dessine, prepare un gateau. Pas d’emploi du temps et surtout pas de trajets en voiture. J’ai l’impression que plus j’en reve et moins je les trouvent ces petits ilots de tranquilite.  Bon ben le calme ca sera pour la retraite!

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