You haven’t seem much of me on the blog this past month. September got the best of me.

September with the back to school shopping/back to school night/soccer/ballet/my new photography class/the paperwork.

I was brave and I made it. I bought all the school supplies, I went once then twice and then three times. I succumbed to my notebook fetich. I went to back to school night and heard the same speech for the third time. Filled out information forms, emergency contact info three times. Everyone has updated medical info and all their shots. Our homework nook is all organized. Swim class registration, soccer registration, ballet registration and photography class registration. Check, check and check!

So what now?

Enjoy autumn, look forward to some winter clothes shopping. Work on the website, postcards and other work thingies.

Dream of all the knitting I will be enjoying. Starting by this, this, and this.

Enjoy sunday afternoon swims and morning cuddles.

Wet Curls ©Imene Said Photography

Well I have made it through and I think..maybe…we are back to some sort of routine around here.

2 thoughts on “September

  1. That is how I have been feeling for months. September brought some serious revelations and stepping back from me. I haven’t been in my own online space as much as I used to be for months now. I miss it, because while it means I am focusing on what is right in front of me (most important), I find blogging helps me process it all.Hey, did you ever post my little blurb on what creativity is?Wishing you joy this autumn, Imene!Warmly, Nicola


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