Kids be good it’s mommy’s special moment

After hibernating  resting for two days we emerged on Saturday. The reason I had gone all the way to Syracuse with the Mr. (besides the pool and room service) was to be able to visit the George Eastman house. It’s 6 hours away from home so I couldn’t justify a day trip but this was the best occasion to visit.

The children were amazingly well behaved and I was able to enjoy my visit. I was so in awe I didn’t even pick up the camera. It is a very beautiful museum and the house and gardens are simply beautiful.

We had a little snack break in the car then headed to visit some winery and cheese farms in the area. We stopped at the Long Point Winery on Cayuga Lake. The views were riveting.

It was our first visit to Upstate New York and  I have to admit that I was blown away. The food was amazing, the views breathtaking and people so nice.

I am looking forward to another visit.
george eastman house



Long Point winery

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