Sometimes you just have to jump

My brother in law gave me his film camera last december. 11 months I kept looking at it and dreaming of taking pictures. I was just scared to try. What if all the images were bad, what if the guy who develops the film laughs when he sees them…what if…I just got my first roll back and I have to say I am pretty happy with the end result. Off course I have two blurry ones and one is totally dark but I am so proud of myself for at least trying.

It’s plain crazy how I can talk myself out of things I truly enjoy just because I am afraid of the outcome.

what would you try if you were not afraid to fail?


18 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to jump

  1. Um, these are so lovely! Better than many others I’ve seen try their hand at it. That second image is just precious!


  2. I love these! I have been getting an itch to try my hand at film, but I also want to try my hand at developing. my grandfather had a dark room when we were growing up. but I understand your fears, when you’ve done digital it’s hard to not have that immediate feedback.hurrah to you for taking that leap, the photos are just amazing, love black and whites!


  3. those are beautiful, and yes *MAGIC!* (you would know). i especially like the 3rd of 4. definitely an enchanted forest!! 🙂


  4. It was actually a very good experience. With digital I tend to overshoot and under think. With the fim I wait for the shot, the one I have in my mind. I wouldn’t go 100% film because of the cost but I think I will be shooting more of it.I would love to learn to develop but I had no luck finding a class in my area.


  5. BellaDonna SantaBarbara it is such a lovely spot. I have been living in the area for 5 years and I just found it 😉 thank you for your lovely comment


  6., it’s never occurred to me to care what the developer guy thought of my photos! don’t most people simply take ‘snaps’ of parties and such? it’s amazing how we cripple ourselves. I used to be so critical of my art that I just didn’t do any. crazy. I’ve learnt to value the process waaaay above the results.


    1. @Mon – That’s a bit of my neurotic perfectionist side 🙂 I am trying to learn to value the process too if only because it is such a positive way to approach making art. The other option is very self destructive.


  7. My son’s art teacher said they were teaching them to appreciate the process and not worry about the outcome. I wish I had that kind of teachers growing up. Did you read Brene’s Brown latest book, her view on the question is rather fascinating!


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