Safe and sound

I am not sure what to write about the events of the past week. Hurricane Sandy has ripped through the state of New Jersey and New York leaving behind it a rail of devastation I have never seen before. Downed power lines, uprooted trees, flooded homes…On Sunday afternoon we decided we would all spend the night on the first floor  because we were so scared one of the trees in our backyard would fall on the house. I was pretty calm until it got dark and the wind picked up. The darkness and the howling winds were unnerving. The lights flickered a little but we were among the lucky ones we didn’t lose power. We remained in the house until Wednesday because most roads were closed.

Schools were closed for the week and I spent my time trying to be helpful to neighbors and friends. Our house turned into a warming, recharging center and laundry mat. It was so nice to feel I was doing something.

I have since been able to watch the extent of the damages and it is overwhelming. The material damage is massive but nothing is as terrible as the loss of life. Tragedy hit very close to home and I am struggling to make sense of it. I was reminded how  tenuous life is and how we could easily lose everything we hold dear. It is a very vulnerable and scary place, one that I usually try to avoid. My natural instinct is to numb the feeling by keeping busy or loosing myself in a book. This time I tried to aknowledge and accept it.

In this month leading to Thanksgiving I am mostly grateful my family was spared.

11 thoughts on “Safe and sound

  1. Merci pour ces nouvelles rassurantes, on a bien pens vous, mme Claude le coiffeur chez lequel je suis passe Paris.On vous embrasse bien fort, bon courage.


  2. I am so glad that you and your family are okay and how nice you were able to help your neighbors! I missed my comforts for three days and cannot even imagine the devastation on the east coast. So sad 😦


  3. I am so thankful you are safe and that you are able to help other who need it. It has been a huge tragedy and I am so sorry for those who were harmed, keeping you in my prayers.


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