the morning after…


There has been a lot of talk with my children about politics these past two days. It wasn’t my decision but their school ran a make believe election and suddenly my household turned into a campaign rally. Each boy had their idea about who should be elected, it was rather fun to see who they picked.

S. made drawings to support his candidate and then mentionned he would talk to his friends about his candidate. At first I asked him to keep it private, I was afraid of other children’s reactions and all the drama that could result of those kind of conversations. Then I thought about it and realized it was the perfect moment to talk to my son about disagreement and respect. How you can be from two different political parties, disagree on issues and keep a cordial level of discourse. How we could all find in us the courage to work together because no matter what we all lived in this country together. That we should not tolerate name calling or disrespect.

You know what my son said. Mom it’s the same rules we have on the playground and no one is allowed to be a bully…

My seven year old has shown more wisdom than many of the adults surrounding him. So after spending a profane amount of money (6 billion dollars) in the largest mud slingging, back stabbing, lies propagating campaign by both sides let us show our children how adults should be behaving. There is no point about asking them to be respectful if we can’t be that ourselves. No bullying campaign will yield results if the adults don’t stop this behavior.

Before anyone accuses me of living on a rainbow and believing in fairies and unicorns, allow me to say that I am very politically engaged person. Always was and always will. My family always had political conversations growing up and we debated ideas. We agreed or disagreed but we were able to talk to each other. Maybe the lesson is not to avoid the debate and leave it to politicians and pundits. If we learn to debate in our homes and among our friends and stay civil that would translate to our politicians.

This morning regardless if your candidate won or lost. Show respect and learn to work with each.

8 thoughts on “the morning after…

    1. @Emilie – Cafteuse!! tu veux que je racontes a tout le monde qu’on s’achete des pyjas Snoopy. D’ailleurs le mien vient de prendre sa retraite. Un mega trou dans le derriere ca le fait pas 🙂


  1. Thought provoking post. It seems in this case your little one might be able to teach some adults a few things. Another potential positive to the idea of welcoming civil debate in our homes and among our friends is that it might inspire and increase in learning about the issues. We’d all want to have our facts straight at the dinner table, right?


    1. @Denise – Exactly. We should refuse to let politics and politicians become the modern version of the roman gladiators. Fighting to amuse the masses. Civil and respectful should be our goal.


  2. it’s amazing how much our kids can teach us… that is really cool. Mine is still too young to enter that part of reality, but one day I will use the example of the playground to make a point ;D hope you’re happy with the results. xoxo Ella


  3. With time I find that my children are my best teachers. They have an ability to see beyond the facade and see who we really are and can point out things I refuse to see.Haha I will keep my feelings private 😉


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