The little secret I keep forgetting…

There are little tips that I pass on to friends who just had children. Well if they ask  that is…You can do pretty much anything if you master the art of breaking your tasks into little chunks.

Waiting for the right moment to get something done is down right maddening. That moment never comes around. So I learned to do things a little bit at a time. 5 minutes here, 20 minutes there…

I just happen to forget my own secret very often and when I do remember magic happens.

Tea Leaves Cardigan details on my Ravelry. All images shot before nap time.

4 thoughts on “The little secret I keep forgetting…

  1. Lovely knitting Imene! That is such a pretty pattern – can’t remember if Tea Leaves comes in grownup size – will have to check. I’m with you on the time. But I too forget and sometimes find myself dejectedly refusing to sit down and work at something because I know it will not be finished in one long, intent sitting. You’ve reminded me of the beauty of taking it little piece, by little piece 🙂


    1. @lily ~~It does! I will email you a link to the adult pattern. I have never knitted anything for me asides from cowls or shawls. I am not sure I would have the patience.


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