My weekend was fun and busy. Swimming , ice cream and special time with big T on Saturday morning.Cooking and laughing at my friend Irmine at her place. Starting a wonderful new book.

Getting a good scare when the Mr. walked in after soccer with an injury. His face met cleats in the battle for the soccer ball. I am glad to report that all is good after a trip to the ER and some skin glue. Now he sports a black eye, bruises and a lovely bandaid. That should feed some monday morning conversations.

Couscous on Sunday prepared by moi, family portraits for our hosts and more pool time and ice cream. I enjoyed every bit of our weekend away with our friends. I can’t wait to start editing their family pictures.

Looking forward to the new week and maybe a trip to NYC on Tuesday.

How was your weekend?

P.S: If you have noticed my lack of image on this post just now that my computer has left us RIP! I am working on a system with my phone and tablet that would allow me to post. I just didn’t want to use this as an excuse to stay away.

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